Q: How can I become a corporate partner?

First of all, you're AMAZING! Just contact us at Trade-Works and one of our team members will be happy to assist.

Q: Can I donate materials?

Absolutely! Just contact Trade-Works, and we'll be happy to coordinate from there.

Q: How are Trade-Works' students chosen?

Students are chosen by the local affiliates. Trade-Works partners with local organizations and institutions, so we can support the under-resourced as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Q: How often do the Trips occur?

We strive for multiple trips per year, however, this depends on partnerships and funds raised.

Q: Do I have to be skilled in a particular trade to volunteer?

No! You just need a willing heart and the desire to connect with others. If you do have a skill that you would love to share with us please click here and tell us a little more.

Q: If I want to attend a trip, does Trade-Works help me fundraise for my trip?

We're happy to provide marketing materials and fundraising ideas to get some great fundraising underway. However, the full trip cost is the responsibility of the volunteer. Once you apply to volunteer, we will send you all information needed 🙂


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