On this trip you will be amongst a group of like-minded people in the beautiful areas of Kingston, and Westmoreland Jamaica. With your Trade-Team, we will be holding our Trade-Workshops for the cosmetology and barbering industries.  Together, the team will connect with local communities and individuals in need, establish relationships and leave an attainable solution. Days off, Imagine white sand beaches, tropical waterfalls, di best jerk chicken ya ever had -

As a man sow, shall he reap. and I know that talk is cheap. But the heat of the battle is as sweet as the victory." Bob Marley

Join Trade-Works as we send out a team to the beautiful country, Jamaica! Here's why Jamaica needs your help:

  • The poverty rate is 16.5% and increasing, the majority are women and children.
  • Youth unemployment rate is 38% - more than twice the national rate.
  • 18% of pregnancies occur amongst teenagers, increasing the high school dropout rate.


Teaching a skilled trade, promoting self-sustainability and empowering Jamaica's most vulnerable youth is necessary for this country.

  • Trip Dates
    • Cosmetologists/Barbers : MAY 25 -JUNE 4TH
    • Musicians: MAY 25 - 31st
    • Reach out if you need date adjustments
  • Trip Cost
    • $1500.00
    • Musicians $1200
    • Mandatory deposit of $350
  • Flight Info
    • Flights into KIN on the 24th
    • Flights out of MBJ on the 4th

:: Please read the following before clicking on the application link below ::

Tentative Mission Itinerary

Day 1: Traveling. Depart from home and join us in Jamaica! A Trade-Leader will meet you upon arrival and bring you to the team for a warm welcome and a nice dinner to get to know each other.
Day 2: Exploration. The team will go out to learn about the community we are serving, immersing ourselves in everything in the culture from food, to art and even history. We will have orientation as to what the week will look like and what our goal/vision is for the area. We will also be setting up for classes including: Supply pickup, workbook/handout assembly, and kit preparation.
Days 3-6: Classes Begin in Kingston, daily classes with evenings open to prep the next day, relaxation, and reflection.
Day 7: Half day class & graduation / Half day exploration
Day 8: Exploration. The team will go sight seeing and experience more of the local culture
Day 9: Farewells. Continue your expedition in Jamaica or head home.

The purpose of Trade-Trips

The ultimate goal of Trade Trips is to bridge the gap between professionals like yourself and under resourced youth.  The volunteer led workshops further Trade-Works Foundation’s global mission to empower youth to create sustainable careers and in return living more fulfilling lives. Trade Trip participants do this by:

  • Leading hands-on workshops or volunteering on a Trade Trip.
  • Donating supplies for a Trade Trip.
  • Spreading the word

Trip costs and payments

Please review the  trip information page before applying for a trip or making a payment.

Health and safety

Work assignments usually involve some physical activity: sometimes at high altitudes, hot climates and humidity. Team members must be in good physical health in order go join a Trade-Trip.
International travel always entails some degree of the unknown. All Trade-Works team members participate at their own risk.

:: Application timeline ::

  • Application is required
  • You will need to have someone (co-worker, boss, teacher, mentor) fill out our recommendation form.  Click Here for the recommendation form.
  • Once your application is submitted you will receive a confirmation letter.
  • There is a mandatory deposit of $350
  • You will be notified of your status
  • Selection is not on a first-come basis.

:: What the application includes ::

  • Code of conduct
  • Basic info
  • Get to know you (short answer questions)
  • Self-evaluation questions
  • Personal Information
  • Trade information
  • Don’t forget to submit your recommendation letter