What Fuels Us?

Trade-Works Foundation is a nonprofit, Christian organization dedicated to putting faith into action by showing God's love in a very tangible way. We allow the opportunity for volunteers and individuals to put their faith into action by teaching their craft and inspiring a greater future. We believe that we are given talents, education, jobs to not only be financially successful but to also share our knowledge with those wanting to learn.

We are a non-bias, open door non-profit that welcomes all, regardless of religious preference, race, or background. At Trade-Works we believe that God's word and love leaves no one out so we invite all volunteers to join in on spreading love and giving hope.

If your church would like to get involved please click here to learn how

At Trade-Works we are very intentional in making sure all feel welcome and still express what our foundation is based upon. Although many can disagree in the area of religion, we can all agree that everyone should have the opportunity to support him or herself, learn a skill, and dream for a greater tomorrow.


The greatest lesson we have learned from Jesus is that He showed love, built personal relationships, and communed with those that majority of society forgot about. It is our purpose to strive for the same life of expression. More can be served by our actions than by a multitude of words.