Want to be a business that gives back? Become a Trade-Works certified business and directly impact aspiring entrepreneurs around the world! Simply pledge an annual gift of your choice and we will send you our official Trade-Works certificate to display in your office as well as marketing material.

Not only are you creating a positive and compassionate company-culture, but customers will love knowing that their purchase is helping someone in need. All donations are 100% tax deductible. It’s a win-win!




Smile Giver

Provides 3 career starter kits

Supplies workshop materials

Helps Trade-Works provide more classes worldwide

Cool points from your employees

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Impact Maker

Provides 7 career starter kits

Supplies the workshop materials

Provides food for students during the workshops

Feature on our social media outlets

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World Changer

Provides 15 career starter kits

Supplies 3 students scholarships

Helps Trade-Works provide more classes worldwide

Professional photos of your dollars at work

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