The Breakdown



Hundreds of youth served Workshops focusing on: Basics of the trade, hands-on training, building a business, marketing, professionalism, and self-esteem.


Toolkits for every student Many students are learning a trade or career with no tools to do so with. We come in and fill that need. Every toolkit consists of donations from leading businesses within each trade.


We realized that our positive results are still limited no matter what you teach or how much we supply if you do not link the next step. Most of our youth are raised in communities surrounded by crime and poverty, and we quickly observed that even with the right tools, they were still unable to grow outside of their current situations.

Simple things such as bus fare or a wrong address can be the sole deterrent for these youth pursuing a brighter future. We are changing that narrative by granting internships and scholarships that allow hands-on experience outside of their respective communities and give a more significant opportunity for their success to become tangible.


95% of the youth we reach come from impoverished communities. Many are homeless, HIV+, or come from neighborhoods full of crime and face the harsh realities of a world without much support.

A lot of what prevents poor youth from attending school is the fees for uniforms, books, transportation, and lunches.

Yet, there remains hope as these young people have chosen a brighter direction for their life through the trade industries.

This is where Trade-Works impacts by teaching and supplying the tools for success.


  • 400+ served in our various training workshops
  • 6 trades, including Barbering, Music, Cosmetology, Nail Technology, Production and Makeup
  • Internship program has to date - 26 participants and 8 job offers
  • 21 full ride scholarships to barber school and high school

Long story short...

We are immensely grateful for the opportunity to be part of these journeys and to witness the positive changes in the lives of our students. The success stories serve as a reminder of the impact that education, support, and belief can have on young lives, and they motivate us to continue our mission of inspiring and uplifting the next generation in Jamaica.

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