Success Stories!


The success stories from our past students are truly inspiring and diverse. Our definition of success encompasses a wide range of achievements.  One of our proudest achievements is witnessing students who previously lacked the necessary tools and resources to pursue their dreams now equipped with the knowledge and materials needed to excel in their trade.

Summer Internships

Our summer internship programs have been instrumental in providing real-life experience outside their communities. Many students have thrived in these internships, further developing their skills and gaining insights into the professional world.

Scholarship Programs

We offer scholarships that have opened doors for students who couldn't afford proper schooling. With our support, they've been able to access education, empowering them to realize their potential.

Intangible success

While tangible achievements are essential, we also celebrate the intangible successes that are equally meaningful. Many students have discovered a new belief in themselves through our workshops. They now have the confidence to embrace their skills and start visualizing a successful future. 

Each and every student who takes part in our workshops experiences success in some form, and we cherish every story of growth and progress. These success stories are a testament to the effectiveness of our programs and the dedication of our team and volunteers.


  • 400+ served in our various training workshops
  • 6 trades, including Barbering, Music, Cosmetology, Nail Technology, Production and Makeup
  • Internship program has to date - 26 participants and 8 job offers
  • 21 full ride scholarships to barber school and high school

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