Your Birthday Email

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Hope you’re having a great day. I’d like to take a quick minute to tell you that it’s my BIRTHDAY. Another year older and although I think presents are AWESOME, the best birthday gift I could receive this year is to help support this amazing non-profit, Trade-works Foundation doing big things in the planet.


I’m asking that you, as one of my most appreciated and active supporters, go a step beyond saying Happy Birthday and donate to support the youth of Jamaica. Given training, supplies and a fair start to a bright future, we can truly uplift and support the next generation.


My BIRTHDAY goal is to raise $______ to help educate the deserving but underprivileged youth. Just Click Here [YOUR FUNDRAISER LINK] to give the best birthday gift ever. It only takes about 23 seconds to donate and every dollar truly counts.


Thank you so much for taking the time to read this email and considering a contribution to this immensely impactful cause.